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Return Policy

Product Return/ Refund Policy Below


Due to the health nature of our products and especially with the Covid19 concern, because of the potential health impact to our staff and customers, We will NOT accept ANY returns of used, unused, opened or unopened products once they have left our shipping facilities. We do NOT provide ANY refunds for used, unused, opened or unopened products once they have left our shipping facilities. We would be glad to assist in coordinating the repair of a product with the manufacturer on your behalf during the warranty period for covered components. PLEASE, if you are not absolutely 100% sure that you want the product(s), do NOT place the order unless fully committed and understand that there will be no refunds offered or provided.

Our "In warranty" assistance with the manufacturer extends only to the original purchaser, and does not apply to commercial use, unreasonable use, or to damage to the product as a result of unintended use including water, fire, electrical or smoke damage. Purchasers are advised that water and air quality conditions vary by area and from home to home. Product performance may be affected by these variables, and for optimum performance, purchasers should purchase our ETA Environmental Toxic Assessment air or water test prior to ordering any treatment technology to confirm that your particular water or air quality falls within our recommended specifications for the particular system you plan on purchasing. Please note that the customer is responsible for adhering to all local plumbing, mechanical, electrical, HVAC or other building codes if the treatment technology requires installation that a qualified, licensed professional for that particular type of product is contracted and performs the installation. Under NO conditions are we responsible for installation, system removal and/or associated costs or shipping costs.

Testing Services: Due to the high administrative/ labor costs involved in processing and preparing a test service order, lab device certification process that we go through on every order shipped, special time sensitive sample devices prepared prior to shipping and allotting lab personnel staffing to be optimized based upon orders processed, we maintain a strict NO REFUND policy for any testing services ordered once shipped from our facility. (This does NOT mean once received by you). PLEASE, if you are not absolutely 100% sure that you want the test service, do NOT place the order unless fully committed and understand that there will be no refunds offered or provided. In the event that you do have a change of heart once your test order has shipped, you will be responsible for the immediate return of the test system insured for the original purchased value of your purchased test. The test system must be returned insured as we are not responsible for damages incurred during shipping, misdirected or lost shipments. You will need to use a shipper (UPS, FEDEX) that will have the test system returned to us at your expense, to the address below within 7 days of receiving at the address requested during your order. If the unused test system is returned within the 7 day window from receiving, we will provide a credit of $250.00 to be issued on the credit card used for your original purchase. This credit is not a refund, but considered to be a deposit credit returned upon the safe and undamaged test system. If the test system is not returned, or not returned within the 7 day window advised, or is returned damaged or with missing components, then NO REFUND and NO DEPOSIT CREDIT will be provided. 


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