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Air & Water Testing

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Pure Air Doctor™ - ETA TEST™ System / Whole Home Air Test


Just Because You Can't See Toxins, Doesn't Mean They Are Not There.

The First Step to accurately "Detect" what Toxins may be in your home. Studies show that most people who are suffering from unresolved health concerns commonly think they have a "mold-problem." A simple mold "spore" test alone does not identify if you have active growing mold, especially if it's hidden inside your walls. It also does not identify any other contaminants and doesn't tell you why a problem is there in the first place. This is the reason why we've designed the ETA System.™ We are able to identify over 500 toxins and chemicals found in your home. The ETA can even detect mold behind your walls! The ETA Detect™ System is Endorsed by Doctors and Health Care Practitioners as the most comprehensive testing to diagnose unresolved health issues, So, if you want the industries most accurate diagnosis of your indoor air quality, it's a smart move to take the first step to take back control over your health and order the ETA Detect™ System.


Pure Water Doctor - Water Test and Certified Consultation

WATER IS LIFE and essential to maintaining optimal health. We are offering our most comprehensive, certified and laboratory tested service from PureWaterDoctor. To help guide you in the test results from your home, you'll receive a telephone or email consultation with one of our Certified Water Quality Evaluators. All of this is included in your purchase price. Recommendations on actions you can take that may help improve your water quality if elevated levels of pollutants or contaminants are found is also included. YOUR TESTING FEE INCLUDES ALL SAMPLING BOTTLES, FULL ANALYSIS, WRITTEN REPORT, SHIPPING TO YOU AND BACK!


ETA-Air & Water Testing System

Our ETA Air & Water Testing System™ offers tremendous value, as both air and water are vitally important to our health, our system Evaluates Your Exposure to over 500 Air Toxins, and over 100 Contaminants in the water in your home. The ETA is also the only system available that Identifies the Source, & we work with you to provide a "plan of action" to resolve your issues. Our Team is with You Every Step of the Way. It's important to realize that: —You can’t see hidden mold within your walls. —You can’t see chemicals in your water. —You can’t see ultra-fine particles in the air. JUST BECAUSE YOU CAN’T SEE TOXINS, DOESN’T MEAN THEY ARE NOT THERE. Endorsed by Doctors and Health Care Practitioners as the Most Affordable, Comprehensive Testing Systems, identifying potential environmental toxins contributing to unresolved health issues.