Your Doctor Wouldn’t Expect to Get an Accurate Diagnosis of Your Health from Only one Test… the Same is True in Getting an Accurate Diagnosis of The Health of Your Home.

Pure Air Doctor™ ETA System

Environmental Toxic Assessment.

Why Pure Air Doctor™ ETA System?

Our system uses Professional-Grade Components together with a comprehensive holistic approach to analyze and score your interior air quality, protecting your family’s health. Most products on the market only test for a limited amount of contaminants, not sufficient to detect the overall health of your home. Our 35 years of experience in analyzing 1000’s of homes has shown us that you can’t test for one or two types of containments and get the whole story. The ETA System provides a complete diagnosis by testing a wide range of contaminants & the conditions that allow them to exist.

  • We Spend 90% of our Time Indoors...and
  • With Each Breath, We Inhale 45-75,000 Particles of Pollution
  • Resulting in More than 6.5 Million People Dying Prematurely Every Year because of Indoor Air Pollution!
How Long Will You Wait to See if the Air Your Family Breathes is Unhealthy or Unsafe?

Why You Need the Pure Air Doctor™ ETA System?

Because we Provide You with the Critical Answers to the Following 4 Questions:

  1. Does My Home Have any Contaminants?
  2. What Are They?
  3. Why Are They There?
  4. What is Necessary to Get Rid of Them?

Pure Air Doctor™ ETA
Environmental Toxic
Assessment System

  • You Can’t Just Test for Contaminants, You Have to Understand the Conditions that are Creating Them.
  • Every Home Has Mold...However not all Homes Have “Active Growing Mold.” The ETA/Detect System Measures Your Interior Air Quality (IAQ) and discerns if You have Active Growing Mold...even hidden inside your walls.
  • Most testing companies sample air for only 5 Minutes per area suspected, this “Will Not” Properly Diagnose your Entire Home.
  • Our ETA / System test samples are 2 hours long and use “Professional-Grade” Equipment that thoroughly Diagnose Your IAQ, providing a comprehensive diagnosis for your entire home.
  • The Team at Pure Air Doctor ™ has been providing these IAQ tests for over 35 years, incorporating the Expertise of over 12 Unique Certifications, all under one roof. Giving you ”Scientific” facts that help you gain a clear understanding of what’s going on in your home.
  • No other System on the market can give you a more comprehensive and cost-efficient approach to determining the “True” Health of your home’s IAQ.
  • All of the testing and analysis is included in the price of the testing...Plus, you have access to the Pure Air Doctor ™ Team of Experts.


The Most Cost-Effective Way to Test, Detect & Assess your Whole Home’s Indoor Air Quality

Do You Know How Healthy Your Home Is?

ETA/Detect System includes:
  • Laser Air Quality Monitor - Measures dangerous ultrafine breathable particulates in Every Room of the Home
  • 2 Hour Unique Whole House MOLD Volatile Gas Detection, Sampling and analysis to detect Active Growing Mold…even hidden in your walls!
  • 2 Hour Full Scan sampling and analysis for over 500+ chemicals that could potentially be harming you and your family without even realizing it
  • Complete Identification of all chemicals found and the sources creating them.
  • Carbon Dioxide-Strong indicator of a home poorly ventilated and low oxygen level.
  • Temperature
  • Humidity-Check the entire home, too much humidity creates more mold potential.
  • Radon/ Exposure to radiation that is the #1 cause of lung cancer in non-smokers.
  • Testing Coverage Area: Up to 2000 square feet. (*additional 2000 sq. ft. add only $199)

You get 90 Days access to our Live weekly “Ask the Experts“ online group consultation, thorough reporting on details of the test results, access our Knowledge-base of video/audio trainings, Help in understanding Your ETA testing Score , learn where the Problems are, and guidance to help you to Take Action to Fix it . All Shipping, Analysis and Reports are included in our One Low Price .

Call our Toll Free order Hotline at: 1-800-234-6399 or Email:

“For years I’ve had issues sleeping through night waking up with headaches...once I had my air tested with the ETA System, my score told the whole story, I saved so much money by doing both of the tests to learn exactly what was causing the problem, now I have a healthy home and sleep like a baby. Thank you for giving me my health back! ” - Julie M.

Just 4 Simple Steps — and We Do the Rest

How it Works

Your ETA System will arrive with clear & simple instructions, and a Step-by-Step Video for setting up the equipment. After the testing is completed, simply place the test devices back into your ETA System case.

A Pre-Paid Shipping label has been provided for FREE Shipping back to our Pure Air Doctor ™ facilities. In 7-10 days you’ll get your results. Attend the Live weekly “Ask the Experts” Series to get your questions answered and we help you to establish a plan to get rid of the problem.

Pure Air Doctor ™ - ETA System is Endorsed by Doctors and Health Care Practitioners as the most comprehensive testing to diagnose unresolved health issues.
It’s Time to Get a Whole House Health Checkup from Pure Air Doctor Today .



ETA DETECT Air Testing System- Samples up to 2000 square feet of home or office/ Larger areas optional

ETA DETECT Air Testing System- Samples up to 2000 square feet of home or office/ Larger areas optional
$795.00 $695.00

PureWaterDoctor Laboratory 107 Contaminants Water Test and Consultation with Certified Environmental Evaluator

This is our comprehensive, certified, laboratory PureWaterDoctor water testing service. A telephone or email consultation with one of our Authorized Water Quality Evaluators is included in your purchase price. Recommendations on actions you can take that may help improve your water quality if elevated levels of pollutants or contaminants are found is also included. YOUR TESTING FEE INCLUDES ALL SAMPLING BOTTLES, FULL ANALYSIS, WRITTEN REPORT, SHIPPING TO YOU AND BACK!
$495.00 $395.00

Intellipure Air Filtration System

The Intellipure Air Filtration System is the ultimate in air filtration. When optimal air quality is critical, this system is your only choice. There are many filters on the market. Only the Intellipure system has proven, patented technology to prevent microbiological growth within the filter using the exclusive DFS process. The DFS technology was originally developed with military government grant funding to discover ways of protection from bio toxin chemicals and microbiological threats. Protect you and your family from these same type of threats within your home or office with the proven powerful combination of technologies found only in the Intellipure system from
$999.00 $995.00

Car Air Purification System

Car Air Purification System
$399.99 $398.00

Intellipure Premium+Plus ANNUAL Filter Replacement Package

Intellipure Premium+Plus Annual Filter Replacement Package

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