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Since 1983, Wright Way Environmental Technologies has designed, manufactured and distributed products throughout the world to residential, commercial, medical and government clients. Today, our sole attention is providing our clients access to our network of independant certified, nationally accredited laboratories to discover their actual environmental toxic exposure. We then partner with our national and international manufacturing product suppliers as their direct distributor and client liason to provide the right technology(s) for the right problem. Wright Way has maintained a strong focus on quality customer care along with providing the highest quality, latest technology products and services available anywhere. Wright Way continues to be under the direction of its' founder and president Terry R. Wright Sr.. Terry firmly believes that their success has always been dependent upon a solid relationship with the customer and he instills that same philosophy in his network of dealers. His focus for the company will continue to provide every client with great products, great service and a strong commitment to excellence. Wright Way's daily operation and customer care is now overseen by second generation Terry R. Wright Jr., who continues the Wright Way tradition of running a business the "Wright Way".

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Terry R. Wright Sr.
Operations Director Terry R. Wright Jr.
Terry R. Wright Jr.
V.P of Operations
Company Headquarters
Wright Way Environmental Technologies 5000 square feet Michigan based corporate center.

When choosing products affecting the quality of health for you and your family, or employees within the workplace, it's important to know that the product will live up to its claims. Wright Way extensively reviews all testing and performance criteria to assure you that each product meets or exceeds the highest industry standards and will always perform as claimed. Our 36+ years of experience and sincere desire to always do right by the customer will allow you to benefit from our products and services with confidence. We sincerely appreciate your time and interest in reviewing our site. We welcome you to contact us if you have a question regarding any of our products or services listed. Please ask if you are looking for a product you don't see listed or have a need for a specialty air or water quality product. We want you to consider Wright Way and to be your sole source for solving any air or water quality problem.

Wright Way Environmental Technologies also provides State Certified and Nationally Accredited Testing for both Air and Water through their national network of third party independant certified laboratories. We also provide access to a full team of environmental consultants as well as an extensive network of dealers to provide you laboratory services at your home or business. We can also supply you with testing systems providing you with the most convenient, cost affordable way of discovering your true air and water quality, yet with professional and third party validated lab analysis.