Air Oasis 9 Nano Induct Furnace or Air Conditioner Whole House Air Purifier Sanitizer

Air purifying and sanitizing protection for areas up to 3,000 square feet per system, or more if using multiple units. This system is designed to be installed within the ductwork of your furnace/ air conditioning system for the ultimate in purification coverage throughout your home or office.
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Air purifying and sanitizing protection for areas up to 3,000 square feet, per unit. This system(s) is designed for installation within your furnace and/or air conditioning ductwork for purifying protection throughout your entire home or office.  The Air Oasis Nano Induct HVAC Air Purifier-Sanitization system works great for creating a healthier environment for homes, offices or any building environment demanding purifying protection against mold, bacteria, viruses, chemicals, odors and many other air contaminants.  Installed by your licensed HVAC technician, or authorized dealer for purifying, sanitizing protection that is out of sight, but definitely not out of mind.  You will be constantly aware of the incredible and powerful purifying impact  this technological breakthrough has on the quality and safety of your indoor air.  Often imitated, yet never duplicated! 


After researching your air purifying-sanitization options, the only questions you’ll have left are, 1.) How can such an amazing process be available at such an affordable price? and 2.) How soon can I get mine installed?  We’ve combined the power and performance of our portable purification systems with the convenience of whole house purification technology.  This system is designed to provide purifying and sanitizing protection throughout your home or office while conveniently working within your heating and/ or cooling ductwork.  Thousands of satisfied customers consider this laboratory tested, university researched and science proven air quality improvement system, their “healthy home miracle”. Not sure which model is best for you?  Call or email us today to see which particular model(s) will be right for your installation. Need help finding a good installer? We can help! Call or email us today.