Air Oasis 3000G3 Air Purifier Sanitizer

Air purifying and sanitizing protection for areas up to 3000 square feet.
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Air purifying and sanitizing protection for areas up to 3000 square feet.  The model 3000G3 is by far our most popular portable system. The Air Oasis 3000G3 Air Purifier-Sanitization system works great for creating a healthier environment for homes, offices and areas up to 3000 square feet providing purifying protection against mold, bacteria, viruses, chemicals, odors and many other air contaminants.  This system is ideal for larger, open floor plan areas such as a large living room, basement, family room or smoking rooms.   It’s also great for areas that are smaller than 3000 square feet, but have big air purifying problems such as overpowering pet odors, lingering cooking and smoking odors, or musty, moldy areas of your home or office that just won’t go away.  If you have an area of between 1000-3000 square feet or larger that is divided into multiple rooms or multiple floors, we highly recommend 2 or more of the model 1000 or 3000 purifiers to achieve fast and optimal air quality results.    You will be amazed at the purifying power the Air Oasis 3000 delivers to some of the most challenging air contaminants you’ve had to put up with. Those poor air quality frustrations are over with the university laboratory tested, science proven, customer approved technology available only in the Air Oasis systems.  Leading the pack  within the Air Oasis line, this is our most effective, residential purification-sanitization system. Plug one in today, have better air tomorrow!